Up we go. With furniture.

Wood processing is among the most successful manufacturing industries in terms of import substitution and is a sector that has experienced continuous growth in recent years in Kosovo. With the rise in household spending, specifically for furniture, rise in living standards, new residential buildings, and most importantly export growth, as is the continuous demand for furniture. Thus, the Kosovo furniture sector has a high potential for growth, employment generation, and growth of exports.

The FEGO project furniture sector is focused on the sustainable growth of micro and small furniture manufacturing companies and entrepreneurship initiatives for sector growth. The project supports small and micro-furniture businesses for local and export markets, and it aims to strengthen the supporting services to enable an environment for MSME’s sustainable growth. By enhancing market linkages, including online sales channels and diaspora business networks, the project aims to empower these businesses to meet market demands in design, quality, quantity, and supply continuity.

FEGO will form strategic partnerships with start-ups and new enterprises, with a primary focus on B2B markets. These collaborations will involve local partner organizations specialized in entrepreneurship, offering valuable support to young enterprises in enhancing their business knowledge, technical skills, marketing strategies, logistics, and quality management. The project will work to establish essential linkages in value chains and market networks, leveraging diaspora actors and networks for knowledge sharing and promoting the overall growth of Kosovo’s private sector. Specific assistance will include improved access to services and equipment, expanded production capacities, strengthened market connections, enhanced marketing and digitalization efforts, as well as fostering peer networking, coaching, and mentorship opportunities.