Fostering Employment and Growth Opportunities

The Fostering Employment and Growth Opportunities (FEGO) project in Kosovo is financed by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and implemented by Swisscontact in Kosovo. The project aims to generate employment and income for women, men, and youth, presently living in poverty and socio-economic marginalization. This is intended to be achieved through sustainable and scalable growth of micro/small (family) businesses and start-ups, in the apparel, furniture, and rural tourism sectors.

FEGO applies a Market Systems Development (MSD) approach, specifically focusing on market facilitation through new, innovative business models to ensure large-scale sustainable changes in respective sectors. The project will reach its goal through two main objectives: 1) Fostering the growth and development of micro/small (family) businesses in the apparel and furniture sectors and facilitating their entrepreneurship growth and 2) supporting local communities operating with rural tourism activities, and their micro and small enterprises towards development of rural tourism. Both outcomes will contribute to more sustainable and inclusive market systems, improving income, productivity, and enhancing job creation in the private sector, therefore contributing to addressing high unemployment and poverty rates in the country, especially amongst youth and women. Swisscontact, through the FEGO project, promotes inclusive social, economic, and ecological development to make an effective contribution towards sustainable and widespread prosperity, offering the chance to economically and socially disadvantaged people to improve their lives on their own initiative.


Through the pursuit of these objectives, FEGO is dedicated to establishing sustainable and inclusive market systems. We have devised a comprehensive set of interventions to enhance income levels, boost productivity, and foster job creation within the private sector:

  • Strengthening small and micro and start-up businesses, with an emphasis on women and youth-owned initiatives
  • Promoting better access and linkages to new markets, services, and opportunities.
  • Enabling environment for their growth.
  • Development of new technical, financial, marketing, quality control, certification, and logistics
  • New business development support services for the growing furniture, apparel, and rural tourism sectors.

By implementing these strategic interventions, FEGO is committed to making a lasting impact on the economic landscape of Kosovo. Through collaboration and empowerment, we aspire to create a future where sustainable growth and opportunity are accessible to all.