Up we go. With Rural Tourism.

The tourism sector in Kosovo is still in the early stages of development with more significant signs of improvement taking place within the last five to seven years.  The increase in the relevance of the sector globally, positive regional trends, and the active, yearly incoming diaspora, have all impacted an increase in awareness regarding the potential of tourism by both the public and private sector in Kosovo. Rural tourism in Kosovo has significant potential for development and to provide families with varied income streams, new job opportunities, and sustainable economic growth. The FEGO project in Kosovo aims to enhance the rural tourism offer through a comprehensive approach focusing on several interventions aimed at improving the existing tourism offer in the selected destinations.

The project interventions aim to support local communities living in rural areas, whose micro and small enterprises operate with rural tourism activities, and ensure that these contribute to the communities’ increased local economic development. It aims at the development of rural tourism experiences, strengthening the existing rural tourism micro/small businesses, and promoting the emergence of start-up businesses that follow their suit or complement their offer by supplying hospitality services of accommodation, transport, traditional food-making, sales, or production of crafts, and in-nature activities throughout the year.