Up we go. With Rural Tourism.

The project interventions aim to support local communities living in rural areas, whose micro and small enterprises operate with rural tourism activities, and ensure that these contribute to the communities’ increased local economic development. It aims at the development of rural tourism experiences, strengthening the existing rural tourism micro/small businesses, and promoting the emergence of start-up businesses that follow their suit or complement their offer by supplying hospitality services of accommodation, transport, traditional food-making, sales, or production of crafts, participation in traditional ceremonies or folk-art events, and in-nature activities throughout the year.

Through partnerships with tourism SMEs, central, and local government(s), the FEGO project aims to generate income, employment, and self-employment opportunities for women, men, and youth in the rural tourism sector through two main outputs:

  1. Facilitating the improvement of the quality and branding of rural tourism SMEs’ offers by strengthening their access to services as well as their capacities in terms of knowledge around hospitality, marketing, promotion, quality management, and branding.
  2. Improving rural tourism SMEs’ access to sales channels with the objective of reaching strategic target markets that show potential, in partnership with local tour operators, digital platforms, and info points.