13 Sep

Unlocking SMEs growth potential through modern business payments!

Kosovo apparel and furniture producers are constantly expanding and thanks to the internet, they now deliver their products and services without any geographical restriction. However, on the last leg of their business operation, making and receiving payments through traditional methods is time-consuming, costly, and inefficient, and not always available to targeted sectors and SMEs.

One of FEGO’s key objectives is to facilitate SMEs’ access to services, technologies, and technical support in the furniture and apparel sectors.

In the booming sector of financial technology and money transferring platforms, and during the market assessment phase, FEGO identified Paysera as a partner to further the sectors’ potential for sustainable and resilient growth. As a money transferring platform, Paysera offers a wide range of fast, convenient, and affordable services globally, that meet the needs of the sector and the demands in Kosovo.

In a recently signed partnership agreement, FEGO and Paysera aim to improve the business environment for the apparel and furniture sector SMEs, by offering feasible, efficient, and convenient means for receiving international payments for furniture and apparel businesses. The intervention will enable businesses to understand better and expand their knowledge about the platform’s opportunities to increase their export sales through faster, cheaper, and more convenient financial transfers from the EU and the US. Paysera will implement a door-to-door approach to present the benefits of using their platform and help enable a better business environment.

Fostering Employment and
growth opportunities

The project Fostering Employment and Growth Opportunities (FEGO) aims to boost inclusive market systems development in Kosovo to generate self-employment in the apparel, furniture, and rural tourism sectors. Funded by SIDA, implemented by Swisscontact.