FEGO Project to boost Kosovo's sustainable economic growth and innovation in Kosovo's Furniture Sector

The furniture sector in Kosovo has been facing challenges, including limited investment, outdated technology, and low promotion, limiting the sector's growth and productivity. As part of its interventions, the FEGO project is also going to support the promotion of exports and revenue growth for small and medium-sized businesses, with the ultimate goal of contributing to sustainable development and job creation within the furniture industry. A remarkable example of the FEGO project's success came to light during a recent business-to-business (B2B) event, co-financed by the project, held earlier this year. Around 25 companies from the Ferizaj Municipality participated in the event, resulting in great success. Three new agreements were forged for the export of Kosovo products with Swiss companies, amounting to over 500,000 euros. This achievement is a step forward for the furniture sector in Kosovo, providing opportunities for local businesses to tap into new markets and expand their reach internationally.

Moreover, the B2B event resulted in fostering collaborations for future visits and a collective agreement to increase cooperation in the coming months. The impact of such events has been important in establishing collaborative initiatives with the companies visited during the B2B visit to Switzerland. By connecting local businesses with international partners, the FEGO project aims to open doors for potential trade and growth, bringing positive changes to the local economy. A key factor contributing to the success of these interventions is the collaboration of various stakeholders. This event was organized in partnership with the Municipality of Ferizaj, and the Kosovo Wood Processing Association. The FEGO project's focus on exports and revenue growth is essential for the development of the furniture industry in Kosovo. By providing support and opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, the project is fostering an environment of innovation, sustainability, and economic growth.

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Fostering Employment and
growth opportunities

The project Fostering Employment and Growth Opportunities (FEGO) aims to boost inclusive market systems development in Kosovo to generate self-employment in the apparel, furniture, and rural tourism sectors. Funded by SIDA, implemented by Swisscontact.